Let’s work on expanding the community!

Ever since the establishment of Africa 21 Cultural Centre in 2015, it has held a mission dedicated to fostering cultural enrichment and community growth within British Columbia. The center’s primary focus lies in benefitting children and communities through a range of initiatives that contribute to their holistic development.

Kids First

We prioritize children’s well-being through workshops that address multicultural issues and give them attention.

Our Vision

The organization helps BC children and communities. Join us to support our projects and workshops.

Your Support

We celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion through its multicultural projects. Embracing our differences is crucial to our identities.

Mentorship and Leadership Empowerment

This program is designed to empower African youth by pairing them with mentors from the community who have achieved success in various fields.

Afro-Culinary and Nutrition Workshops

These workshops introduce African children and families to the richness of African cuisine while promoting healthy eating habits.

Language and Cultural Exchange

The Language and Cultural Exchange program offers an opportunity for African children to learn and practice languages spoken across the African continent.

African Heritage Celebration Workshops

These workshops provide a platform for British Columbian African children to connect with and celebrate their rich heritage.